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Technical Solution Architect Job Description,Skills, Salary

The person in this role will be responsible for envisioning and developing new digital products. The person will execute day-to-day product development activities across design, development, stakeholder communication, technology vendor management, and delivery. Solutions architects create “blueprints” to map out how all the applications used by a business solution architect roles and responsibilities will work together. They also guide the implementation of their plans, meaning they are both technicians and managers. Most of the certification platforms, besides the exam itself, offer training courses, learning materials, and practice tests. Other resources can also be helpful to prepare and practice such as Udemy, Coursera, or MeasureUp.

How do I become a solutions architect

Professional Cloud Architect is the one for experts who use Google Cloud technologies in their solutions. Again, it’s not only for solution architects but for any professional dealing with Google cloud architecture. ITIL is the industry-recognized set of qualifications that includes 5 levels. The highest credential is the ITIL Master for those professionals who work in IT service management and have extensive experience with ITIL practices.

Solutions Architect Education and Experience

Solution architecture helps develop products on time and within budget while ensuring that the final product solves the business problem it was designed to solve. The first one is defining solution requirements, then finding the best tech solution to solve a business problem, providing solution specifications, and mapping out the parts of the solution. Later, look at how they will work together and communicate the chosen technology stack to all stakeholders (both technical and non-technical). Solutions architects can work with high-level information technology architecture, within a specific domain, or with a particular software product. No matter which of these types of solutions architecture you decide to go into, you should understand your client’s business goals, requirements, and development procedures. A solutions architect fulfills an organization’s technology needs to help it achieve its business goals.

Proven track record of work experience as an architect, project manager, or developer. While many projects may get themselves a project manager, they are not always worried about the planning you need to focus on. Project planning can cover deadlines, deliverables, and all things related to items like service level agreements and contracts. We analyzed thousands of career transitions in your industry and identified the highest value skills to build as a Solutions Architect. Building these skills will set you up for the most number of the above careers.

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Solutions architecture requires both technical and interpersonal skills to design, describe, and manage solutions. They evaluate the existing environment and examine how different elements of business, information, and technology can be applied to solve a specific problem. A solution architect is a specialized role within a company tailoring IT solutions to specific business needs. Explore the skill sets and required career paths to become a successful SA. As a solutions architect, you are listening to and evaluating the customer requests and translating them into an actionable project. Maybe you are in a software-centric world, and your customer asked you for a new code revision to have a certain look or feel.

How do I become a solutions architect

With Field Engineer, you can get access to a wide selection of companies all looking to hire people like you to their team. With us, you can get the clients you want and take on as much or as little work as you like, retaining complete control over your work-life balance. The Solutions Architect helps drive value and change with software development for one of the fastest-growing platforms. By applying solution selling and architecture experience from planning to monitoring, the Solutions Architect supports and enables successful adoption of the GitLab platform.

What Is a Salesforce Solution Architect?

Here’s what to know about a solutions architect’s salary, needed skills and how to become one. Hiring managers expect a solutions architect to have soft skills such as analytical skills, communication skills, and creativity. Most companies require a solutions architect to have a bachelor’s degree degree in a related field, such as computer science or business. The work of a solutions architect is challenging, often requiring expertise in both technology and business. However, challenges are welcome to anyone passionate enough to know that overcoming them leads to job satisfaction.

  • That’s in addition to honing your communication skills, building your brand and establishing yourself as a thought leader.
  • Successful solutions architects need a strong combination of hard and soft skills to achieve competency in the role.
  • Technically, a Solutions Architect will have a good programming knowledge, mathematical knowledge, networking administration and analytical skills.
  • This process is very detail-oriented and serves as a connecting piece between enterprise architecture and technical architecture.

He leverages his experience to help AWS Partners across EMEA for their long term technical enablement to build scalable architecture on AWS. He also mentors diverse people who are new to cloud and would like to get started on AWS. Throughout your career, you’ll need to be on the lookout for chances to develop and demonstrate your leadership ability.

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They are the technical point-of-contact of the company and serve as the client’s technical team’s go-to person for problem resolution. The SA continues ‘selling’ the CRM solution while remaining objective and unbiased. –Each enterprise needs oversight teams for the architecture; they ensure that everyone stays on track and keeps IT infrastructure aligned with the business goals. This can ultimately lead to “Architecture Astronaut,” a situation where a person gets so obsessed with the big picture that they miss the crucial details that make things work.

How do I become a solutions architect

Companies expect freelance technical solutions architects to have completed an undergraduate degree in a related field, such as IT, computer science or network technologies. They’ll also want to see that you have appropriate professional qualifications and that you have continued your education during your career. Certification will help you stand out above other non-certified people on the FE platform.

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Some of this should be hashed out with the project team and the customer, but you need to have a plan here too. But, in the end, as you prepare to deliver the goods, your role here is to take anything you were provided during that discovery phase and turn it into a finished project. Your job is to take those factors into account and work within those constraints to deliver. If what they want can’t be done without adding systems or infrastructure, that is something you have to explain to them.

How do I become a solutions architect

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